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IMSE will be delivered in cooperation with associated members, or partners. Through this cooperation IMSE is able to offer a multinational consortium with a variety of expertise, from the academic foundations through to the development of software technologies and new applications and the understanding of current and future needs of the service industry.

Why Do We Have Partners?

The academic and industry partners will enrich IMSE with their specific expertise and knowledge, through participation in courses and lectures, for example.

In the second semester of year 2, students conduct a graduation project and their thesis. IMSE allows the project to be carried out through industrial or research internships carried out at (a) partner universities or businesses.

This page introduces the IMSE partners.

Tsinghua University, China

Tsinghua Emblem

“Software and services have been agreed to be one of the most important directions for the software industry. The IEEE and ACM have also officially declared service computing as a new discipline similar to computer science and electrical engineering. However, up to now, it is dissapointing to see that while the demand for education in service engineering/computing/science is increasing, nothing solid has been done regarding an education program and professional service engineering qualifications.

“We have been talking to groups around the world on this matter (including the IEEE’s Service University) and are extremely excited about the Erasmus Mundus IMSE program because it is exactly what we have been looking for.

“As the number one engineering school in China, we are interested in working together with Europe to ensure the program is indeed international and meets the teaching and research needs of both European and Chinese students. Furthermore, due to the close relationship Tsinghua has with industry – I am also the director of the Service Innovation & Engineering in SuZhou Industrial Park, one of the largest industrial parks in China – the SuZhou Industrial Park will also participate in IMSE, creating a win-win situation for us.

“We not only endorse the program but will actively work with fellow IMSE members to ensure its success.”

Chi, Chi-Hung
Professor, School of Software
Director, Internet Content & Service Engineering Laboratory

Forthnet, Greece

Forthnet Logo

“Forthnet offers a whole array of telecommunications, online and media services. Developing self-sustaining business models for these services, defining and analyzing cost/benefit models for them, designing deploying and operating our services are skills that are of paramount importance for our firm’s competitiveness in a difficult international marketplace.

“Understanding service-orientation, open architectures and standard interfaces is critical for the longevity and profitability of our products and services. We therefore need service engineers that understand these technologies, are able to precisely analyze requirements, design the necessary architectures and systems and efficiently implement and maintain them. Universities will also need them to continue research on services and service networks.

“We look forward to the establishment of IMSE.”

Pantelis Tzortzakis,
CEO, Forthnet

IBM Germany Research & Development GmbH

IBM Logo

“Our customers operate in a marketplace that spans the globe, and for years now we have observed the demand for integrated software applications continue unabated. This demand marches in lockstep with the need for open architectures that standardized interfaces. The further development of software technology (in areas such as service-oriented architectures and cloud computing) requires highly-qualified software engineers who have mastered these technologies and are able to precisely analyze requirements, design the requisite architectures and efficiently implement and maintain the resulting information systems.

“We welcome the establishment of this new course of study.”

Erich Baier,
VP Research and Development at IBM Deutschland Research & Development GmbH

School of Information, University of California at Berkeley

I-School Logo

“This exciting new international program is very much in line with the I-School’s philosophy and approach for conducting research and providing educational programs that cross the boundaries of economics, sociology, business, library science, engineering, design, computer science and information science. The home of the Berkeley program in Services Science, Management & Engineering (SSME) rests in the I-School

“We look forward to the strong beginning of the IMSE program.”

Prof. Dr. AnnaLee Saxenian,
Dean of the UC Berkeley School of Information

Software AG, Germany

Software AG Logo

“Software AG is a globally operating company which has been rated as leader in many areas pertaining to service engineering and business processes. We are continually working on better support, thorough methodology and education on service-oriented architectures as well as related topics. Due to this effort, we are aware of the need for well-educated engineers with dedicated knowledge of service engineering.

“We very much appreciate the tight cooperation between the academic and business worlds in the area of service engineering and because this is an emerging discipline many areas of research and development can be identified.

“As we do our business all over the world and have engineering facilities in many different companies, we are convinced that the international orientation of IMSE is the right approach.”

Jürgen Powik,
Director of University Relations, Software AG


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The University of New South Wales, Australia


S-Cube Network of Excellence, Europe

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